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School Shows and PTA Family Fun Nights!!


Anthony the Magic will bring his entire cast to your school for an unforgettable and amazing assembly.  Our basic school show runs 45 minutes in duration and we bring everything we need to keep you entertained.  School showsinclude:  Dove Act to Puppy, Audience Interaction, Large Illusions, and the Snowing Tribute.


We perform over 200 school shows each and every year ranging in all ages and all grades.  We tailor each assembly to the school we are performing for.  If we have been to your school before, we completely change the show to make it exciting, new, and different each time we perform. 


We are licensed and insured, including workman's comp on our assistants,  and we are bilingual in Spanish and English.


Multiple show discounts are available and can be used in cooperation with another school in your area!!  Once you select your date and show times we will send you a letter of confirmation.  Simply sign one copy and FAX it back.  It's that easy. 


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